President Mnangagwa fires accountant-general

President Mnangagwa fires accountant. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reported to have fired accountant-general, Daniel Muchemwa, for failing to manage public accounts.

According to auditor-general Mildred Chiri’s reports, the accounting department has also been failing to do basic things like reconciliations on its account, resulting in the present shambolic state of the government accounts.

Tendai Biti, the chairman of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee said: “There is always a monster hidden if you take a look at government financials, which are in shambles. It’s a narrative of State failure. We find basic issues like failure to produce annual statements, monthly reports etc.

Mildred Chiri

“There are so many vulnerables but I hear the accountant general has been fired because of failure to deal with weak internal financial controls. When the gatekeeper becomes the gatecrasher, we need to pray.”

Source – iHarare

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