RBZ unfreezes Big Wig accounts

RBZ unfreezes Big Wig accounts. Access Bank accounts had been frozen in September together with those of Sakunda and Croco Motors after being accused of money laundering and fuelling the black market.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has acquitted financial trader Access Finance of money laundering allegations after some investigations.

RBZ revealed however that Access, which has emerged as one of the biggest dealers and embarked on a massive in-store rollout in partnership with Delta, Electrosales, Gain Cash & Carry and Zimnat Lion Insurance had not violated the law.

Kuda Tagwireyi and Emmerson Mnangagwa

Source – iHarare

In other news – Rumour: Robert Mugabe had a secret family

Rumour: Robert Mugabe had a secret family. Mugabe fathered the late Nhamodzenyika with his late first wife Sally and went on to father three other children with former first lady, Grace, namely Bona, Robert Jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga.

Mugabe and secret family

The Death of former President Robert Mugabe has opened a can of worms on his personal life after it emerged that he has a secret love child sired out of wedlock during the… continue reading.

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