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Report: The land audit a major flop as bigwigs remain in control of multiple farms

Report: The land audit a major flop as bigwigs remain in control of multiple farms. Zim Morning Post understands that some bigwigs circumvented the loopholes in the audit methodology and are still in control of multiple farms using proxies.

The national land audit seems to have a hit a snag with bigwigs still technically owning multiple farms, Zim Morning Post can reveal. “The bigwigs pulled a fast one on the government and rushed to change ownership into names of trusted relatives with different surnames, while some used companies with figurehead directorship and listed the companies as owners, so well we can safely say the audit was a major flop,” revealed our source.

Zimbabwe Land Commission deployed teams of 60 enumerators in all eight farming provinces for the comprehensive agricultural land audit.

The exercise was being carried out simultaneously in all eight provinces It was meant to identify land utilisation patterns and optimal farming activities which influence appropriate policies for increased agricultural productivity, poverty alleviation and sustainable utilisation of agricultural land.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s expose on multiple farm ownership among ZANU PF bigwigs sent them in panic mode prompting them to devise a devious plan to ‘defeat’ the system.

Mnangagwa recently revealed the issue of multiple farm ownership during a radio interview with a local radio station when he made indications to the effect that former First Lady Grace Mugabe owns 16 farms. “The audit is still on-going and results will be made public, the briefing I have received is that only two provinces are left to complete the process.

Minister Shiri

“The main issue we have identified is the issue of multiple farm ownership especially among people in higher offices,” Mnangagwa said then. Meanwhile, the ZANU PF youth league has vowed to make its investigations and sniff out the culprits who continue to own multiple farms.

Source – Zim Morning Post

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Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare pays Gringo’s $18 000 surgery fee. Pokello Nare never ceases to amaze us, she definitely has a heart of gold.No wonder she is a successful woman because when you give, God gives it back to you tenfolds.

Pokello Nare

This week we woke up to sad news that our very own Gringo, Lazarus Boora was seriously ill with an appendix rapture and needed about ZWL $18 000 for the operation. We saw celebrities such as Jackie Ngarande and Lorraine Guyo posting to…continue reading.

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