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Ritual to recover stolen phone goes wrong as men of God rape victim

Ritual to recover stolen phone goes wrong as men of God rape victim. According to the DailyNews, Peacemore Kamusiki (48) and Jaison Mataurvwa (42) from Glenview 2, Harare, allegedly raped a woman (name withheld) who had visited their church in Budiriro seeking spiritual assistance to recover her stolen cellphone.

In a disturbing incident, two Harare men purporting to be men of the cloth allegedly teamed up and raped a woman who had approached them seeking spiritual assistance.

Appearing before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye, Kamusiki and Mataurwa were advised to apply for bail at the High Court as they were facing a third schedule offence. The court heard that the duo reportedly raped the woman after drugging her using a concoction which they claimed would give her mystical powers to see the person who stole from her.

The woman only woke up the following day around 2 am feeling dizzy and realised that she was lying n_aked in bed between Kamusiki and Mataurwa. She also felt a slimy substance on her privates and between her legs and concluded that Kamusiki and Mataurwa had s_exually violated her.

The court heard that when she quizzed the duo where she was, she was told that they were in Glen View 2. When the woman tried to leave the place, Kamusiki and Mataurwa stopped her but she later managed to escape and narrated her story to Christopher Kamuzondl, who assisted her to report the matter at Glen View Police Station.

She was referred for medical examination. Strike Matongera prosecuted the case.

Source – iHarare

In other news – Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare pays Gringo’s $18 000 surgery fee

Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare pays Gringo’s $18 000 surgery fee. Pokello Nare never ceases to amaze us, she definitely has a heart of gold.No wonder she is a successful woman because when you give, God gives it back to you tenfolds.

Pokello Nare

This week we woke up to sad news that our very own Gringo, Lazarus Boora was seriously ill with an appendix rapture and needed about ZWL $18 000 for the operation. We saw celebrities such as Jackie Ngarande and Lorraine Guyo posting to…continue reading.

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