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Robbers hold man hostage, forces him to drink 2 Litres of cooking oil

Robbers hold man hostage, forces him to drink 2 Litres of cooking oil. Jameson Zihura, of House Number 1236 Jerera, was forced marched from his house by Luck Hotera (45) and Adiel Mureza (23) who then took him to another house where they forced him to gulp down the raw oil.

A Jerera man was recently left severely nauseated after two robbers forced him to drink a half-full two-litre container of cooking oil.

This came out in the Zaka Magistrates’ Court where Hotera and Mureza were facing four charges of robbery, three of assault, two of unlawful entry and extortion. The State’s case was that on August 18, Hotera and Mureza used intentional violence on Zihura by hitting him several with open hands, kitchen chairs, booted feet and forced him to drink cooking oil.

They then took $1000, two SunPower satchels, two cellphones (Mobicel and Nokia), black Tennis shoes and black tekkies. Magistrate Florence Nago convicted them on all the charges they faced and sentenced them to 12 months in prison.

The magistrates, however, suspended five months of the sentence, leaving the duo to serve an effective seven months in jail. Part of the charges faced by the two included breaking into a house and robbing Precious Manyemba of chairs she had bought on credit from Hotera’s girlfriend.

Hotera and Mureza locked the victim and her colleague before robbing her to recover the money owed by Manyemba to Hotera’s girlfriend. Hotera threatened to take away the chairs if she could not pay, forcing a fearful Manyemba to give him the money.

On another day, the duo severely assaulted Memory Chipanera after breaking into the house to carry out a robbery.

Source – iHarare

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