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Sally Mugabe’s daughter divorced

Sally Mugabe’s daughter divorced. Patricia Hayfron Bekele, the daughter of the late Sally Hayfron Mugabe, was from an earlier liaison before Sally then (30) married Robert Mugabe in 1961. Although Sally was forced by the late Sabina Mugabe, to admit that she was indeed Patricia’s mother, Mugabe has secretly maintained that Sally’s twin sister Esther Sophia Hayfron- Booham was the mother to Patricia.

Zimbabwe president’s ‘secret’ daughter and brother to late Nhamodzenyika, Ghanaian Patricia Hayfron Bekele has been sent packing in the US by Ethiopian husband of over two decades Tesfaye Bekele for unreasonable behaviour, the can exclusively reveal.

After Sally’s death, Esther visited Zimbabwe and our source in the intelligence said they all thought Mugabe was going to take her as his wife, as it was widely believed that he was sleeping with both women.

Esther died soon after Sally’s death. It is alleged she pressured Mugabe to pay-out her late sister’s Estate which he refused. She was reportedly poisoned allegedly by CIO at Mugabe’s orders at a function at Ghana High Commission in Harare and died afterwards. She was buried at Sekondi, the birthplace of his late wife, Sally. Patricia’s whereabouts are unknown, but her ex-husband, a former manager at Air Zimbabwe took early retirement and settled in California, USA. It is not clear whether the couple had any kids.

Patricia Hayfron Bekele

Mugabe’s late sister Sabina pressured Mugabe to look for another woman to bear him children because Sally could not bear anymore after the termination of the second pregnancy in China that claimed the life of Albert Mugabe. Albert had complied with a family arrangement to sire children on behalf of his brother who, by then could not do so. His body was found floating in the swimming pool at his home.

Earlier this month Sally Mugabe’s first son John Rosmond Imbeah, a Ghanaian graduate tutor at the prestigious Prince Edward School in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, died after he was involved in a mysterious car accident.

The English and Sports tutor died on Good Friday, on the high¬way near Kwekwe. Circumstances surrounding the tragic incident remain sketchy but sources close to the Zimbabwean High Commission in Ghana and the family have confirmed the death. A source in the security services believes the Ghanaian has been under the spotlight by State intelligence services following many revelations about President Mugabe’s dark past.

It is believed he was suspected of leaking the information that the late First Lady Sally Mugabe was married to another man and with her two kids when President Mugabe snatched her. Mugabe later fled Ghana and without his possessions which were later shipped to Rhodesia by a friend after a fistfight with the father of Sally’s kids.

Source – The Zimbabwe News

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