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Top sangoma reveals: Mapostori ndiwo anonyanyoromba

Top sangoma reveals: Mapostori ndiwo anonyanyoromba. In a lengthy interview with the H-Metro, Sekuru Kufera, real name Amos Kufera, rebuked church leaders for their double standards saying that they constantly sought his expertise in conjuring spirits but yet they discouraged their congregants from using black magic.

A Chitungwiza sangoma has sensationally claimed that local pastors and prophets flock to his shrine for mystical powers to prophesy and shortcuts for achieving success.

”They discourage their people from coming here yet they are always here for juju, vanotora zvinhu pano voromba vozotaura zvavanoda futi. Now I’m making it public so that everyone knows that mapostori ndivo vanonyanya kuromba.

Sekuru Akafare

“Talking of church people, they frequent here. I have pictures of which I cannot show you, vanouya kuzoromba and nditori nemushonga yavo yandinayo. “They want juju to help them prophesy in their churches, mushonga wacho wandinovapa ndinouwana pabere (hyena), ndovaisapahuma nekumeso, and then they start prophesying in church,” said Sekuru Kufera.

Sekuru Kufera also added that some of his frequent clients where s.e.x workers and divorced women seeking to restore their marriages.

“Ladies of the night frequent here looking for juju so that when they go and get n_aked they make lots of money.
“Vanouya pano vasikana nevakadzi vachiti murume akatiza, muchato wakapera, ndinobya ndavagadzira and that the man immediately goes back home.

“All the juju I possess is from Malawi where I come from. I call upon all women ditched by their husbands to come to me and as well as men ditched by their wives.” Sekuru Kafera concluded.

Source – iHarare

In other news – Man and Woman stuck together during S.E.X – Pictures

There are some things that are very difficult to understand or rather difficult to explain. Pictures we gathered from social media show a man and woman stuck together while having s.e.x. A simple google search will tell you that the condition is called Pen!s captivus. This is is a rare occurrence during intercourse when the muscles in the vag!na clamp down on the pen!s much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the pen!s to be withdrawn from the vag!na.

Man and Woman Stuck Together during sex

We would gladly take that simple explanation if only the couple were not cheating. According to the social media posts, the man is said to have been sleeping with a married woman… continue reading.

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