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Update: Peri peri in model’s privates for dating married man



Model Kim Mpofu

Update: Peri-peri in model’s privates for dating a married man. STI allegations surface. The male musician, who goes by the stage name Vicious, is allegedly the root cause of the incident as he was apparently cheating with the model identified as Liesel Kim Mpofu, also a Zimbabwean. The main assailant was identified as Rudo Abvuta and is dating the visibly younger-looking Vicious. Kim is well-known in the entertainment circles and was a contestant at the Miss Shisaka Final where she narrowly lost.

IN a bizarre fit of rage two Zimbabwean women and a well-known musician are seen in a video that has gone viral putting powdered peri-peri into a young model’s private parts as they assault her. The incident took place this week in Cosmo City, a high-density suburb north of Johannesburg.

Kim Mpofu

In the video, a n@ked Kim is seen kicking vigorously and screaming while Abvuta and Vicious pin her down as another unidentified lady shoved in hot peri-peri into her genitals. Her pink braids are pulled out during the fracas leaving her traumatised. The act has received widespread condemnation from Zimbabweans across the globe. Various Facebook groups are further revealing damning allegations against Rudo.

According to sources Vicious started dating Kim and she allegedly infected him with a sexually transmitted infection. When news reached his “fiancée” Abvuta they then hatched a revenge attack which was captured on the 55-second video by one of Kim’s friends.

Kim Mpofu Model

When contacted for comment Vicious admitted to be part of the video but denied assaulting Kim.

Asked what was happening in the video he had this to say in his written response: “It’s just someone who was just threatened to tell the truth over something that had happened which was confidential but later the person who took the video to social media had a grudge over (sic) her that’s how the video leaked . . . Inini I was just the man at the house to stop the fight, that’s all I can say,” said Vicious.

Source – H-Metro

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