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VP Chiwenga bans wife from visiting him

VP Chiwenga bans wife from visiting him. Chiwenga, hospitalised in China over suspected poisoning, ordered his wife, Marry, to return home and also sacked two security aides from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) whom he accused of spying on him.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has reportedly fired some of his security aides and banned his wife from visiting him.

Marry legally married Chiwenga during a secret ceremony in June, just days before he relapsed and was flown to South Africa before being transferred to China. According to family friends, marriage is on the rocks. Chiwenga has told his Chinese hosts not to issue a visa to Marry.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga


One report says the ailing Chiwenga has been fitted with an artificial oesophagus and told by his doctors to retire from politics. A family friend who asked not to be named told ZimLive:

“One can only imagine this is linked to suspicions of poisoning. Until the source of the poison is established, access to him will be very limited, and it appears even his wife – for now at least – is not trusted. When you are gravely ill, it’s a natural expectation that your spouse should be around, but not so in this case and that’s not normal.”

Marry Chiwenga was banned from visiting Chiwenga in the hospital according to reports. In August, she shared an undated picture of herself with Chiwenga on social media. It later emerged that it was an old image.

Source –  Zimlive

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