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Wicknel Chivayo hires R150K per day lawyer

Wicknel Chivayo hires R150K per day lawyer. The matter came to light as Chivayo is fighting 3 appeals at the Supreme Court on his High Court acquittals on fraud charges and reinstatement of his Gwanda solar project.

As Chivayo’s court case against ZPC resumes this week, it has been reported that he has hired a hotshot lawyer to fight his supreme court battle Daily News reports.

Chivhayo has hired Francois Joubert and Adrian de Bourbon who reportedly charge R150k per day, to fight in his camp as his woes seem to mount. His top lawyer has already applied for a residential exemption certificate:

Through legal practitioners (Ashton Musunga), who are instructing me in the cases for which I am now applying again for registration, I have previously applied for a residential exemption certificate in terms of section 7 of the Legal Practitioners’Act, which … was granted firstly on March 21, 2001 and … 2006.


I have been briefed to represent my instructing attorney’s clients in the matters ZPC versus Intratrek Zimbabwe (Intratrek) SC 02/19, the State v Intratrek … and … Chivayo SC 422/19 and State v … Stanley Nyasha Kazhanje.

Chivayo was acquited by the high court on his corruption charges. However, his accomplice in one of the cases was jailed for accepting a bribe from him.

Source – Daily News

In other news – Madam Boss hits back at critics for wearing bum shorts

Madam Boss hits back at critics for wearing bum shorts. The actress/comedienne lit up the streets of social media yesterday when she posted pictures of herself in a bum short and a crop top.

Madam BossThe pictures caused commotion on social media with some people trolling her for her dressing. Some said her dressing was not suitable for a married woman. She replied to the critic with one of the best comebacks ever we have seen from a celebrity. It was a hilarious clap back. Check the conversation…continue reading.

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