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Wife evicts thieving hubby for recruiting their child to steal

In a last-ditch attempt to punish her thieving husband who is also teaching their minor child to steal from neighbours, a furious wife resorted to an extreme measure when she applied for an order to have him chucked out of the house.

Behlulekile Banda from Makokoba suburb decided to punish her thieving husband Mpumelelo Mahlangu apparently for bringing shame to their family by allegedly teaching their son to steal from their neighbours.

Banda said she was sick of her irresponsible husband’s light fingers, and evicting him from the house was the only measure to curb his criminal ways.

She said Mahlangu, whom she was no longer sharing a bed with for the past two years, was also verbally and physically abusing her, adding that he turned violent whenever she reprimanded him over his uncouth behaviour of selling their household property and food in order to raise money to buy beer.

“My husband has been verbally, physically and emotionally abusing me in front of our kids. He steals food and other household property which he sells to raise money to buy beer.

“He is also teaching our son to steal from our neighbours. Whenever I try to reprimand him, he turns violent and insults me using vulgar language.

“We are staying together but for the past two years, we have been sleeping in separate rooms. He doesn’t pay rent or buy food for the family. For the 15 years, we have been staying together at my parents’ house, I am the one who has been buying food and paying school fees for our children.

“I am, therefore, asking the court to help me by evicting him from the house and subsequently granting me a protection order that stops him from verbally and physically abusing me,” begged Banda.

Turning to her safety and that of her children, Banda suggested that her husband should be immediately evicted from the house. She further said her husband had also threatened to kill her on three separate occasions and commit suicide afterwards.

“He threatened to take away my life and that of our children on three separate occasions and commit suicide thereafter. He also harasses me in front of children calling me a prostitute, especially when he is drunk,” complained Banda.

Mahlangu who apparently feared humiliation, didn’t come to court to defend himself leading presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga to grant an order which bars him from verbally, physically and emotionally abusing his wife or threaten her in any way.

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Source – BMetro

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