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Mo Setumo looks Amazing with her new look

Gorgeous actress Mo Setumo took a risk and shaved off all her hair – and it paid off. She looks absolutely stunning. To be honest, not all women can pull off the short hair look, but Mo rocks this look like a boss.

Mo Setumo is one of the hottest women in the entertainment biz at present. She’s got that special something that makes her so appealing – her personality, her intelligence and (of course) her looks all combine into one hot package to give us a woman that represents African beauty to the max.

Mo Setumo

When she recently shaved off her hair, it just brought out that X factor she has even more. She looks amazing with her new short hairstyle. And that’s not something everyone can successfully do. South African women are unique in that aspect – we have many beauties with short hair that look like African goddesses.

The actress, famous for her roles in The Queen and Generations: The Legacy, took to social media to share her new look and fans adored it. We’re in awe of how good Mo looks!

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