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Woman armbushed while fetching water, raped and left unconscious

Woman ambushed while fetching water, raped and left unconscious. In an unfortunate incident, a Mabvuku woman was attacked and raped at dawn on Tuesday while fetching water from a well near a bush.

The high-density suburb in the Harare Metropolitan Province. Mabvuku has gone years without tap water as the Harare City Council is failing to supply most parts of the city with water, leaving residents to come up with alternatives often hazardous just to access the precious commodity.

Writing on their official twitter account, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the incident on their Twitter account…

A female adult was attacked and raped at a bushy area near New Mabvuku at around 0400 hrs while fetching water. The accused covered the complainant’s face with a cloth and she became unconscious and later discovered the offence when she regained consciousness.

As the water crisis continues to plague the country, residents in most high-density surbubs are reportedly engaging in fistfights as they scramble for access to the precious resource.

Source – iHarare

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