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ZANU PF propaganda officer from Canada risk being deported

ZANU PF propaganda officer from Canada risk being deported. The petition which is on Change.org says, “We believe Zanu PF has employed some supporters in the diaspora to terrorize and intimidate other Zimbabweans who oppose their views. These Zanu PF supporters falsified asylum applications to get documentation in Canada.

A section of Zimbabweans has launched an online petition to the Canadian government to deport one of ZANU PF’s internet propaganda team (Varakashi) Jones Musara over supporting a party that is alleged to be abusing human rights in Zimbabwe.

They have been prominent on Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook intimidating other Zimbabweans mainly MDC supporters who do not support their new dispensation. We therefore suggest that anyone supporting the regime by terrorizing other Zimbabweans must relocate to Zimbabwe to enjoy the purported new dispensation.”


Musara said he was not moved by the petition and he will be landing in Canada on Saturday.

“Like any other human being I have the right to freedom of movement. I go back and forth to Zimbabwe and Canada whenever I want and will continue to do so for as long I want. I have the right to freedom of movement just like any other human being.” Musara said. “From Zimbabwe, I will be in Canada by midday this Saturday. Toda kuwedzera kurakasha mhandu tirimo imomo muNorth America and West at large for now..belly of the beast.”

Activist Thandekile Moyo said she is supporting the petition against Musara.

“Now that’s a petition I would sign over and over again. Why should someone be praising a Government that’s oppressing us from the comforts of another country. He must come and experience what we’re experiencing. These backers of the regime must be held accountable for their roles.”

Source: Bulawayo 24 News

In other news – Man and Woman stuck together during S.E.X – Pictures

There are some things that are very difficult to understand or rather difficult to explain. Pictures we gathered from social media show a man and woman stuck together while having s.e.x. A simple google search will tell you that the condition is called Pen!s captivus. This is is a rare occurrence during intercourse when the muscles in the vag!na clamp down on the pen!s much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the pen!s to be withdrawn from the vag!na.

Man and Woman Stuck Together during sex

We would gladly take that simple explanation if only the couple were not cheating. According to the social media posts, the man is said to have been sleeping with a married woman… continue reading.

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