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Zim runs out of STI drugs

Zim runs out of STI drugs. The issue was confirmed by Mashonaland East provincial manager Wilfred Dube who said that it was leading to a recurrence of s.e.xually transmitted infections in the country.

The economic meltdown currently plaguing the country is adding even more woes to the country’s already struggling health sector. This follows reports that the country has run out of drugs to treat s.e.xually transmitted infections (STI).

Speaking to New Zimbabwe, Dube said, In the clinics around the country, the Ministry (of Health) does not have drugs to treat STIs where three of four drugs are required for treatment the clinic might only get one.

And then they provide the one dosage before requesting the clients to go and buy from the pharmacy three or four drugs to complement the one that they will have received from the clinic.

And usually the clients are not able to go and buy because of the economic environment, they may not be able to get enough money for transport and to go and buy the drugs.

So they actually sell the drugs that there are given at the clinic and therefore they are not treated fully.

So the STI recurs when it recurs you cannot then say its new infection but we discovered that each month the number of STI cases is increasing especially in Goromonzi, Murehwa and Marondera. These are the district who have the greatest in terms of STIs.

On this sad note, iHarare urges all adults to be responsible for their s.e.xual health and to protect themselves against STIs by using con_doms or abstaining.

Source – iHarare

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