Zimdancehall producer PTK drops new riddim

Zimdancehall producer PTK drops new riddim. Award-winning Zim dancehall producer, Michael “PTK” Murumbi has dropped a new riddim titled Shamiso which he says will outshine other riddims.

PTK said she parted ways with Shishaka stable in South Africa where he is now based after a misunderstanding and has since started his own stable PTK Music.

In an interview from his new base, he said: “PTK is a big brand, we can make legends out of nowhere. “I set a big level and this time we are setting an international dancehall to compete with other countries. “Shamiso is our first project here in South Africa and it is going to make everyone known, the same way Body Slam made noise.

“We are not afraid of competition, because vamwe vese ava havana mathreats because they haven’t make anything new, they are just following trend yatakatanga. “They are just copycats and this riddim has many youths.” His manager Ralph Kakurira said they are not afraid of competition.

“The new riddim is for upcoming musicians and PTK is coming with a piece of different dancehall music, international yasiyana nemagudu magudu. “We are very competitive and Shamiso is open to every genre not focusing on dancehall chete. “He has graduated from music,” said Kakurira.

Karurira said PTK has what it takes to overshadow other producers. “PTK haakwate mastudios ese iwayo, haakwate Platinum Records, Levels, mastudios madiki aya. “He has moved from stable to stable including Bodyslam, Heart Beat, Platinum Records, Gunhill before he worked with Shishaka.

“But now he is operating by himself pushing PTK studios because he been promoting other people’s studios. “We have a track record yekuita setisina kurongeka and its high time timire tega, it’s now PTK music. “We know we are far from home but we are going to make big music,” he added.

PTK made a number of hit songs for most of the dancehall artistes than any other stable. “He made Ndini uya uya, Werras PTK, Levels and Rodney, No mercy, After pain, Final battle, Back in town, Boya world and Boya love for Shisaka

“Shamiso riddim is a funded by Justice Chashupa for his loved one Shamiso Kuyayama. “We had a small dispute from Shisaka and contract had ended as well. To his credit, PTK won an award with Bodyslam and Takangodaro by Killer T which won an award among other.

Source – H-Metro

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