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Connie Chiume on blessers: It’s the young girls who end up losing out



Connie Chiume

It is in the household of a blesser where Connie Chiume, as Ma Lerato, starts cashing in, using family secrets as barter. It’s something I’m totally against, because older men use young girls and take advantage of them. The sad part is that the young girls are the ones who end up losing out,” Chiume said.

Connie Chiume

The role of a domestic worker in the home of a wealthy family is a far cry from the powerful Mining Elder she played in the acclaimed film Black Panther.

But for veteran actress Chiume the character wields just as much power – knowing everyone’s secrets and using them as leverage to get whatever she wants.

And, of course, the appreciation of acting in a local comedy that talks to a societal issue like the blesser phenomenon is unsurpassed, she said.

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Source: News365