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Prophet Sovi: Sheperd Bushiri is not dying

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi

Prophet Sovi: Sheperd Bushiri is not dying. In a statement, over the weekend Sovi said, “From my observation, most ‘young’ prophets face self-inflicted ‘persecution’ because of their naivety. The Bible warns against hastiness in (Eccl 5:1) and in (Prov 21:23) it says: Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles. And by the way, major1 is NOT dying any time soon…take my word for it.”

South African based leader of Imperial City Church Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi has dismissed a prophetic utterance by controversial clergyman Passion Java of Passion Java Ministries that Enlightened Christian gathering Founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will die in 2019.

Java recently did a live video on the internet where he said God showed him Bushiri dying this year and urged Christians to pray. Sovi added that in the spirit realm there is a hierarchy that was created by God which must never be undermined.

“The Bible says He created the sun as a GREATER light rule by day and the moon as a LESSER light to rule by night” (Ps 136:8) and (Heb 7:7) says But without any dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater” ask any physicist or biologist..this law is consistent throughout nature. All of creation observes this law.

“There are ethics that cannot be ignored at all…I have much to say on this matter but my inexperience will NOT allow me after all I am still a student when it comes to spiritual matters.”

On Sunday Bushiri also dismissed Java’s prophecy during his Sunday live service in Pretoria saying he is not going anywhere and would be officiating the crossover night at the giant FNB stadium.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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