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Zim students design app for church offerings

Church Offering

Zim students design app for church offerings. The application (app) does not need an Internet connection, but the user has to be connected to a mobile telephone network. The two students, Shelton Mudenda (27) and Terrence Moyo (22), are studying Telecommunications Engineering.

Two students at the Bulawayo Polytechnic College have designed a mobile application that makes paying tithes and church offerings hassle-free.

They named their app Pay Code, and have tested in paying church offerings and other church contributions like building funds and tithes, and they say it has proven to be effective.

“This application is simple and faster than what is on the market already. We have put it to test at church when people are making offerings and it works pretty well.

“We can actually tailor-make it for a specific client, for example we made the application for Bulawayo International Church of Christ,” Mudenda said, according to the Sunday News.

“It’s an application for a specific client or company which is just like any other applications on the android phone. When one opens the application for that particular client it takes them straight to that client’s page.

“There is a button that takes you to the next step where you get to select the category in which you want to make the payment, for example, the church app that we made has four categories: offering, tithe, building fund and others, therefore, you select the category that you want. It then takes you to the next step where you then enter the amount and password and then you are done,” explained Mudenda.


The two say they are yet to register the app and were willing to partner corporates to put their invention into practice.

While most Zimbabwean churches still use the old way of accepting offerings, where an open money bowl is placed near the pulpit and congregants line up to pay their tithes, a good number of churches have moved with the times and embraced the latest trends in making payments.

More churches are adding online and mobile money options to offerings, but the tried-and-true offering plate still brings in the most money.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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