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Dumiso Dabengwa exposed ZANU PF’s rigging method

Dumiso Dabengwa

Dumiso Dabengwa exposed ZANU PF’s rigging method. A wikileaks cable with Canonical ID: 08HARARE200_a carries the conversation between Dabengwa and McGee.

In 2013 the late Former Home Affairs Minister Dumiso Dabengwa told the then American Ambassador James D. McGee that ZANU PF used the police and the military to conduct electoral rigging.

Dabengwa is reported to have said ZANU PF was using multiple postal votes form the uniformed forces who number about 70 000 to effect the rigging machinations against their political opponents.

Read the cable below:

Dabengwa commented that he had served in the government as Minister for Home Affairs and had overseen elections. He thought as a Minister he had largely controlled electoral rigging. The Makoni forces intended to have polling agents at almost all polling stations. (NOTE: There will be 8,200 stations. END NOTE.)

According to Dabengwa, the most vulnerable part of the process was military and police voting as one week before the election, members of the military and police and their spouses were allowed to vote by mail. Dabengwa said that in the past, many of these individuals, at the behest of their superiors, had submitted multiple ballots through the post.

However, in the recent pat former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo said he is penning a book that will expose how ZANU PF and ZEC use the excel method to rig the 2018 elections. The book is yet to be published.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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