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Luminista Dambusa in bikinis: Our mistakes don’t limit us, only our fears do




Luminista Dambusa in b!k!n!s: Our mistakes don’t limit us, only our fears do. The number one hottest Zimbabwean South African based socialite has struck again. Luminista Dambusa Jemwa never disappoints at all. This time she is proving why she is on top of them all and simply cementing her position at the top. Surely she is the best of the rest. Check these stunning bikini pictures of her while busking the sun at the beach.


She had these words to say…

We spend half our lives looking back and thinking if we had only done it different. But is tht what we really want, to rewrite a past or rather to learn from it and shape an unbelievable future worth dying to see. Our mistakes dont limit us, only our fears do. Everyday yu wake up having a second chance to be who u want, to do what you want. The only thing stopping u is YOU!  #takenotes📝 #motherhasspoken


Her words continue…

The Greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. 🙏🏼 #takenotes📝. Someone once told me not to bite off more than i can chew, I told them i would rather choke on Greatness than nibble on mediocrity. 💫 Remember, nobody built like you. You design yourself. _

#takenotes📝 #premiumstonyeni🙌🏼😍🙌🏼

Source – MbareTimes

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