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AKA respond to comments about him performing for a small crowd




The nice thing about performing for a small crowd, according to AKA, is that people will never forget his performance.b The rapper took to Twitter to set the record straight after a tweep took a jab at him about the number of people who attended one of his shows, calling it “progress.

The rapper also pointed out that people have a tendency of calling that particular show that had a poor turnout an “AKA show”, when it was just a booking. You know, this was never my show, it was a show I was booked for but you know what … it’s ok if people want to diss me for this pic, because the people there, that night, they appreciated it. [It] doesn’t matter that it’s not a huge crowd. Those people will never forget me,” he said.



AKA’s response came after he posted snaps from his recent Orchestra show in Durban.

Snaps of the rapper at the event dominated on social media, with each picture posted receiving thousands of likes, shares, and comments. “I really can’t thank you enough for the other night,” AKA said.

Source: News365