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Chitungwiza Pastor sleeps with his Junior Pastors

Amos Nyake

Chitungwiza Pastor sleeps with his Junior Pastors. The man of God who claims that he hasn’t had s.e.x since the death of his wife in 2016 revealed that he invites his male junior pastors, one at a time, to sleep in his bedroom to overcome temptations of the flesh and to ‘stay focused’ on his vision.

A 44-year old Pastor of the Word Based Church in Chitungwiza, Amos Nyake resorts to extreme measures to fight the temptation to fornicate. Speaking to H-Metro, Zinyake said, “I lost my wife in 2016 after a very short illness and ever since I have not indulged in s.e.x. Life after losing her has not been easy for me as she transformed me into a better person the person I am now.

I can’t see myself indulging in any s.e.xual act with anyone who is not my wife. The word itself says ‘he who finds a wife finds a good thing and for me it is the process of finding that has not come to pass,” Zinyake admitted however that he has faced temptations a couple of times revealing that his biggest achievement yet is overcoming them all.

“Yes of course, I have come across temptations, but temptations were made to be overcome and as men we should face them. My house is a hub of activity as several people visit for prayers and help and most of the times I’m with my junior pastors and so I make sure one of them sleeps with me in the bedroom so that nothing happens.”

He was quick however to emphasize that he doesn’t share the same bed with the Junior Pastors. ”We do not share the same bed. These are the measures I have put in place so I don’t divert from my path until I find a wife and that person will not be from the church since I regard them as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Zinyake and his late wife had four daughters and he says raising their girl children has made him appreciate and value women more. ”Raising my four daughters has been the biggest blessing in my life, it has not been easy as a man, having daughters starting their adolescence without their mother, but God made a way and I am also grateful for the support my late wife’s sisters have given me,” he added

Source – iHarare

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