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Rumour: Teachers hunt for Mthuli Ncube’s wife



Rural Teachers Union

Rumour: Teachers hunt for Mthuli Ncube’s wife. The Amalgamated rural teachers Union of Zimbabwe has appealed to anyone with the phone number of the Finance and Economic development Minister Mthuli Ncube’s wife.

The Association says it wants to appeal to the wife to assist in mediating between the Minister and the workers who are suffering.

“We are kindly looking for the details of Mthuli Ncube’s wife. We want to beg her to talk to her husband on behalf of civil servants.” ARTUZ said in a tweet. “As a mother she might appreciate the pain and suffering we are going through. She may convince her husband to either pay us or resign.”

 ARTUZ said their suffering was directly tied to the policies of the Finance Minister.

“Our families are directly affected by Mthuli’s policies. We want appeal to his family to lobby him on our behalf. People tend to listen to family voices more than voice of some disgruntled public. We are suffering and have to try anything and everything. One day we will hit the right code”

ARTUZ members are facing a criminal charge of demonstrating in front of the Minister’s office carrying a small coffin. They were arrested together with their lawyer Doug Coltart.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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