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Motivation Monday with Ruveheneko Parirenyatwa


Motivation Monday with Ruveheneko Parirenyatwa. The media powerhouse personal Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is here to share with us a powerful message yet again. She always does this every Monday just to give us motivation speeches that will give us the courage to go on with life. Check her Monday Motivation for this week…

I think of my generation and how much tradition and culture we have lost. I’m not sure how much we know of our history; both country and family. Stories die with the people who hold them. It’s our responsibility to keep those stores alive; to pass them on to the generations after us. I am not sure we get this.


I still have my maternal grandparents and they can talk me under the table! I love them for that. They have seen life, lived life and beaten life. Their teachings are invaluable.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa How many stories of our own – our personal experiences – can we one day tell our children and grandchildren that will enrich and inspire them?

Ruvheneko ParirenyatwaWhat are we doing with our present moments? Where are we storing our past? What will the future say about us? #MondayMotivation

Source – MbareTimes/Instagram

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