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Sophie Ndaba opens up about her struggles with depression



Sophie Lichaba

After being diagnosed with diabetes, being cyberbullied and being the target of death rumours on several occasions, actress Sophie Ndaba found herself in a dark place
During an interview with Sunday World about mental health awareness, Sophie spoke out about how it took her a long time to realise she was struggling with depression.

She said it all started when she was diagnosed with diabetes, which not only affected physically but emotionally and mentally as well. I think depressed people often don’t realise they are depressed. Everything I have gone through has put me into a corner at some periods of my life and I only realise it now that I’m stable.

Sophie Lichaba

Sophie explained how depression affected her work and personal relationships
“Depression affects your relationships with your kids, your partner, your work. You don’t do the same things you used to do. You’re like a zombie. I know because I’ve experienced it. It took me months to know it, to see it and to fight it, and to now say I am here and can help someone else.

Sophie added that she’s now able to speak to other women dealing with depression and help them find mechanisms to fight it. Just two weeks ago, the actress once again topped the Twitter trends list as fake news that she had died flooded the social media platform. Both Sophie and her husband slammed the rumours on social media.

Source: News365