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5 things you probably didn’t know about Mambo Dhuterere

Mambo Dhuterere

5 things you probably didn’t know about Mambo Dhuterere. He is the talk of the town, the man of the moment. He is everywhere, his music is being played as far as England by white people. The guy is just having a blast of his life at the moment. Things are just flowing. We all want to be him at the moment.

On my a trip to the capital recently the bus I used had some of his songs on rotation, I wondered who this guy was? The passengers were all in love with this guy and the requests were unending.

I decided to do a google search of “Mambo Dhuterere” immediately I bumped into a song he did with Seh Calaz. I loved every bit of it, this was something new and refreshing. Many might be wondering about who Mambo Dhuterere is, here are 5 interesting facts about him.

Mambo Dhuterere

  1. The name Mambo Dhuterere came from the music which is called Dhuterere.
  2. He started recording music in 2015, “Dhuterere” being the first album then followed by “Tsamba” released in 2018 and released “Dare Guru” this year.
  3. Mambo Dhuterere has so far collaborated with Trymore Bande, Seh Claz and Mathias Mhere.
  4. He is a pastor with St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World in Botswana.
  5. He was born in Guruve, Mashonaland Central Province 27 years ago and is a father of 2.

Source – urban culture

In other news – Mambo Duterere’s prophecy comes to pass

Mambo Duterere’s prophecy comes to pass. As the year 2019 draws to an end, Mambo Dhuterere is no doubt a man of the moment, hard to ignore. His songs are now on the lips of many as they are also charming different nationalities including Europeans.

Jah Prayzah and Mambo Dhuterere

The gospel artiste from one of the most followed apostolic sects has stolen hearts of many with his versatility, voice and the deep message that gives hope and motivation in life…continue reading.