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Enzo’s latest track Highest Score, a crime of passion


Enzo’s latest track Highest Score, a crime of passion. The internet last week buzzed on Zimdancehall sensation Enzo Ishall‘s latest offering titled Highest Score. Mixed feelings and emotions flew all over the web, and even spilled off to the streets with vendors, barbers, and touters talking about the single. We thought we should let things cool down before we set our own opinion on the song.

Straight to our point/fact; this is not the Enzo Ishall we all fell in love with. This is a straight insult to Smart Inotangira Kutsoka, Kanjiva, and Handirare kuDen Kwenyu Futi. Progress is a good thing, but progressing in the right direction is even better.

The Magate sound has been forsaken for the more melodic sound the is not as hard hitting as his previous offerings. We understand that a new management and production team might have come into place, (Enzo’s move from Chillspot Records to PJR) however the authenticity of the artist was lost along with this transition. Sometimes money does not buy you the good things in life.

The video also got a lot of criticism instead of it “scoring high”, as approximately 70% of the viewers gave it a thumbs down in displeasure. Enzo reacted to the fans’ opinions by turning the comments off on his YouTube channel. Passion Java Records (PJR), has the self-proclaimed prophet Passion written all over the production. He even stars and appears numerous times in the video. Now we ask; who is riding on whos’ wave?


The gothic-themed video revolves around the persona who seeks to evade demonic creatures that are seeking to devour him. Enzo Ishall highlighted on an Instagram post that the theme of the video, done mainly in Jamaican Patois, is centred on God’s protection over his life.

The song shows how God shields him from all evil; “no matter how hard demons try to demolish him he will get the highest score”. However, the theme seems a bit too dense for the message portrayed. We must admit, the intention is moving, despite the end product leaving a lot to be desired.

One of the comments left by a loyal follower stated the following “This is so not the Enzo we knew and loved what are you singing. To think I’m one of your biggest fans waiting to hear another hit song then u drop this”. One Joseph Takura Makuyana on Facebook posted saying, “I will act as if I never saw this video or heard the song until kingdom come”. We hope he heard and will be able to redeem himself from this contractual suicide.


Source – urban culture

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