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Marvelous Nakamba: I’m ready to serve my country



Marvelous Nakamba

Marvelous Nakamba: I’m ready to serve my country. Nakamba, who arrived on Tuesday evening, is likely to start when the Warriors play Botswana’s Zebras tomorrow evening and Zambia four days later, away in the AFCON 2021 qualifiers.

The Aston Villa midfielder Marvelous Nakamba says he is raring to carry his impressive start to the English Premier League to the Warriors. “I’m ready to serve the country. I think it’s time for us to focus on the upcoming games. “We are training hard and hopeful for a positive result.

“Everyone is training hard and giving everything, we are pushing hard and we are trying our best to give everything for Friday. “We are also helping each other and doing what we can to push each other so that we can get positive results on Friday,” he said.

Nakamba believes his teammates can do a great job. “It’s the national team and I think the coaches also try to select good players because I think they are many players that want to represent the country.

“So us who are here have to try to work hard and represent the country well. “I think each and every game is very important and for me I try to give each and everything and try to improve. “But as of now what is more important is the nation and we are at home.

“So we have to give everything with the support that we always get at home, we just have to give everything to the fans,” he said. The 25-year-old, who joined Aston Villa from Club Brugge this season, also took time to reflect on how the season has been for him thus far.

“Yeah there is room for improvement, it’s my first season I am trying to give my all. I am training well and trying to adapt to the new league, new environment. “But as it is in football, I have been somewhere before I have adjusted and I think I am now a little bit mature.

“And now I can handle any pressure, I have played some important games in my career. So I am trying to give my best week in week out. “The fans are very friendly, very welcoming and have been amazing even when walking in the street. They are really supportive even if you lose,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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