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#TBT: Today Ex-Zanu PF Youth boss Kudzi Chipanga challenges General Chiwenga



Kudzi Chipanga

#TBT: Today Ex-Zanu PF Youth boss Kudzi Chipanga challenges General Chiwenga. Its exactly 2 years since Zimbabwe’s Coup that was not a Coup period, a young and naïve Kudzai Chipanga-Zanu Pf, Youthiez leader, did the unthinkable and broke the silence that had gripped the country after Rt Gen Chiwenga had announced the ZDF’s intervention into the country’s sombre politics at that time.

As a throwback reminder about this historical period in Zimbabwe’s history. It seems quite inordinate to miss out on such interesting memories, let alone the National Apology jersey Day. It is on this day, the 14 of November, that Zanu Pf Youthiez led by Kudzai Chipanga, were sent out to respond to the decorated General.

Before they started the press conference, they jestingly chanted revolutionary songs;  “Hondo, Hondo, Hondo” -shadow-boxing like true heavyweight champions ready for a boxing match (with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces).

The speech read;

Kudzai Chipanga


“We as Zanu Pf Youth League are a lion which has awakened and found its voice, therefore we will not sit idly and fold our hands whilst potshots and threats are made against Mugabe……..

Mr. Mugabe will die in office. It was written in the Bible that he won’t just rule the country, but would die in office……

Defending the revolution and our leader and President is an ideal we live for and if need be it is a principle we are prepared to die for”. In this, they mockingly said were not afraid of the Army and it’s General, CDGN Chiwenga… as they say, and the rest is the history we detailed below.

Watch the video below:

Two days later after the Youthiez circus, he would appear on National TV on his famous Apolojersey, apologizing to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for saying he would die protecting Mugabe from the coup which was in progress.


He was later arrested on fraud charges then later lost his Wakefield farm.

In the recent turn of events, he is reported to be an ordinary citizen doing full-time farming in Makoni District in Manicaland Province. However, his bid to get back to the revolutionary party was declined by the Zanu Pf Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Munyaradzi Mangwana.

Source – iHarare

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