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UK PM Boris Johnson reveals what he thinks of Mnangagwa’s government



Boris Johnson

UK PM Boris Johnson reveals what he thinks of Mnangagwa’s government. Outspoken British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed that he holds President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government in very little regard.

In an interview in which he was rubbishing the economic policies of a political rival, Johnson actually cites Zimbabwe’s policies as an example of what not to do. Johnson who is so scathing of exchange controls says they are only used in three countries, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Angola.

Johnson recently announced that the UK will now be fast-tracking Visas for doctors, nurses and other health personnel from foreign countries. The timing of the announcement was met with suspicion however after it coincided with a period in which the government of Zimbabwe is struggling to contain a crippling strike by doctors which has now gone past months. Some have accused the United Kingdom of seeking to profit from Zimbabwe’s woes by poaching the doctors and other health personnel.

The government reacted in a heavy-handed manner by firing the striking doctors who are calling for a living wage as they argue that they are being paid a paltry US$80 per month. So far more than 200 doctors have been fired. One-third of the doctors in Zimbabwe are set to lose their jobs once the disciplinary hearings are concluded.

Watch the clip below recorded last night:

Source – iHarare

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