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Man’s joystick gets chopped off in attempted ritual killing, appeals for new one




Man’s joystick gets chopped off in attempted ritual killing, appeals for new one. Fortune Khumalo (23) from Jilongo Village outside Malamulele, Limpopo, lost his 4-5 when he was nine years old in an attempted ritual killing. In a sad case, one Fortune Khumalo might never know what it feels like to be with a woman after losing his manh00d.

“I haven’t been normal since I lost my 4-5. I wish to live a normal life like any other young man.” Fortune’s life has been miserable since. He told Daily Sun that villagers sometimes made fun of him. “It has been a very difficult situation. I couldn’t cope at school and dropped out.”

His mum, Siwela, said she wished to see her son live a normal life. “I had dreams when my son was born and expected so much from him. It pains me that someone has taken away so much from him. “I also wish to have grandchildren,” said Siwela.

Fortune said he wished to have surgery to restore his manh00d. But the family faced challenges after Fortune’s father, Thomas, who was the breadwinner, died. His mum supports the family through her Sassa grant money.

Fortune also helps by doing small jobs like tiling. However, he said it was hard to work in the heat as he felt pain where his 4-5 was cut. “I need R200 000 to recover my manh00d. I’m currently being assisted at Dr George Mukhari Hospital,” he said.

The family said it was hard to forgive Lucky Simango (35), the man who chopped off Fortune’s 4-5 about 14 years ago, as he failed to disclose the names of the people who had sent him. Simango was sentenced to 15 years in jail in 2008 for the crime.

Source – iHarare

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