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Registrar General promises to protect corruption whistle-blowers

Registrar General CLEMENCE-MASANGO

Registrar General promises to protect corruption whistle-blowers. Masango told senior media personnel in Harare last week that the problem has been that few people are unwilling to testify on issues of corruption despite the numerous complaints from the public. “There have been complaints that there is corruption. Yes, corruption is a reality and I will not pretend that there is no corruption.

Registrar General Clemence Msango has committed to protecting people to blow the lid on corrupt practices by officials in his department.

“But I also have problems with people who make these complaints and then when we approach them for assistance suddenly they don’t want to talk. They don’t want to show us who was doing what. We are at that point then disarmed and left with no choice but to let the issue go,” said Masango.

He added: “If it’s a question of protecting the source or the informant that we will do that is at the best of our ability for as long as I am there.” Masango called on ordinary people to stop paying bribes in order to get national documents.

“Once we develop this appetite of bribing that’s where the problem starts. For us to succeed in fighting the scourge, we all need to pull in one direction with same purpose. “Corruption take place primarily between or amongst persons who both stand to benefit. It is then difficult for the two to involve law enforcement agents because parties to the issue are all guilty in one way or another,” said Masango.

“Our appeal is for people to heal us flush the corrupt elements out. At least someone somewhere has been asked for a bribe in order to facilitate access to one document or another. We need such people to come forward.”

Desperate citizens who are reportedly eager to run away from the deepening economic crisis have fallen victim to con-artists working in cahoots with officials at the Registrar General’s office.


Source – New Zimbabwe

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