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Prophecy: Zimbabwe to bring back the US Dollar

Pastor Ian Ndlovu

Prophecy: Zimbabwe to bring back the US Dollar. Speaking during a prophetic service on Sunday, Ndlovu said God showed him two people running side by side. Each person was carrying a flag of their country. The government of Zimbabwe will re-introduce the United States dollar after an impending economic collapse, Pastor Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries has prophesied.

The clergyman said the country has adopted economic policies that are going to lead to the suffering of Zimbabweans and the outcome will be the adoption of the United States Dollar to work with the local currency.
The Bulawayo based Prophet who prophesied the introduction of the Zim dollar said there are difficult times coming ahead for the country but because of the prayers of the saints God had shortened the period.

Watch the full prophecy below:

In other news – White ZRP traffic officer breaks Zim Twitter

White ZRP traffic officer breaks Zim Twitter. Lately, it has been a rare feat to see white Zimbabweans in the uniform so naturally, it prompted a huge dialogue which lasted the whole weekend. Zwitter (Zim Twitter) got busy and talking after the photo of a white ZRP traffic officer went viral on the social media platform. Said the original poster.

White Zim cop

So i saw a white cop near belgravia shops paitika accident…i didnt even know kuti there were white policemen in Zim …other side of samora is really living a different life huh…continue reading.