Army bosses sweat over social medial leaks

Army bosses sweat over social medial leaks. The Zimbabwe National Army head of training, Brigadier General Ephious Mahachi urged members of the force to be cautious on the material they post on various social media platforms. Army bosses have expressed concern over the leaking of sensitive information on social media by junior staffers which they feel compromises national security.

“A lot of negative information is spread on social media and as professionals in this field you should understand what is going on in this confusion so that you advise commanders accordingly. From within the organisation a lot of information of security nature has been loaded on social media by some of us oblivious of the security implications at times,” said Mahachi in Bulawayo on Friday.

Last week, former Zanu-PF spin doctor Professor Jonathan Moyo broke the news of a junior soldier in the presidential guard who opened fire at State House in Harare apparently venting frustration over the country’s economic challenges.
He went on to give updates on the case revealing that the junior soldier was subjected to torture as his bosses tried to link him with the opposition and foreign agencies before he was taken for a mental evaluation.

In his last update, Prof Moyo said the head of the presidential guard Lieutenant Colonel Samson Murombo had been suspended as military bosses blamed him for the incident.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

In other news – White ZRP traffic officer breaks Zim Twitter

White ZRP traffic officer breaks Zim Twitter. Lately, it has been a rare feat to see white Zimbabweans in the uniform so naturally, it prompted a huge dialogue which lasted the whole weekend. Zwitter (Zim Twitter) got busy and talking after the photo of a white ZRP traffic officer went viral on the social media platform. Said the original poster.

White Zim cop

So i saw a white cop near belgravia shops paitika accident…i didnt even know kuti there were white policemen in Zim …other side of samora is really living a different life huh…continue reading.

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