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Chaplin High School students arrested for raping fellow student

Chaplin High School students arrested for raping fellow student. Police sources in the province said the two boys isolated the girl after telling her that they had been sent by one of the teachers at the school to come and get her.

Police in Gweru, Midlands province have arrested two A’level students at Chaplin High School on allegations of raping a form three student from the same school.

“The girl followed the boys who instead took her to an empty classroom where they took turns to rape her,” said the police source. “They are expected to appear in court anytime soon facing charges of rape.”

The police sources said there was a possibility that the two boys would be sent to prison as they are both above the age of 18. “If convicted, they are definitely going to prison as they have reached the majority age.

Rape is a serious crime and Zimbabwean courts are not lenient to rapists,” said the police source. A teacher who declined to reveal their identity said the entire school was in shock over the incident.

“While it is accepted that students will always get to all kinds of mischief as they are in the process of growing up, rape is none on those acts of mischief but a serious crime that will leave the poor girl traumatised and emotionally scarred for the rest of her life,” said the teacher.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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