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Fashionista Faith Turuvinga set for Global Gender Summit

Fashionista Faith Turuvinga set for Global Gender Summit. Running from November 25-27, the summit will be held at Kigali Conventional Summit where over 6000 participants and several Presidents are expected to grace the occasion.

South Africa based fashionista Faith “Chihera” Turuvinga is once again over the moon after being invited to represent Zimbabwe at the Global Gender summit in Rwanda.

Chihera will be leaving two days before the summit ahead of interviews she is billed to give in Kigali. For Chihera, who has participated at similar exhibitions before, she could not hide her elation as she gets another opportunity to represent Zimbabwe.

“I feel honoured to be invited to attend the Global Gender summit 2019, I am over-excited to be in Rwanda. “I made it after my fashion showcase in Italy where they nominated me,” said an ecstatic Chihera who will be flying direct from South Africa to Kigali.


Chihera, who will be representing Zimbabwe at the prestigious event, said she will also be promoting her clothing line. “At the summit, I am going to exhibit my Mimikay Collection, which I once showcased in Italy and Ethiopia. “It’s a collection which I hope will continue winning hearts of many,” she said.

According to event organisers, the fashion show – dubbed Fashionomics Africa Pop-Up Market – the event which runs alongside the summit is meant to “showcase the products of various women fashion entrepreneurs from Africa with the end goal of providing the opportunity of being able to access loans to expand their business.”

With the event set to empower women, Zimbabwean representative Chihera has vowed to teach locals on best practices and catalyse investment as well as accelerating gender equality once she returns home.

Chihera is not new to such event having participated at the African Fashion Reception in Ethiopia in recent years. Owing to her exploits in Ethiopia, she was also invited for the Ougadougou Fashion Week in Burkina Faso running from April 6-8.

Besides participating at the African Union exhibition and the Burkina Faso Fashion Week, she has also showcased her wares at a number of shows in South Africa alongside Thembani Mubochwa before he(Thembani) relocated home.

In July 2015, she participated in the Vodacom Durban Fashion Festival where Thembani showcased his garments. In July 2016, she also participated at the same festival, which she managed she has created some contacts.

Back home, Chihera runs Mimikay Clothing and Earrings Collection. In South Africa, she has established herself as an events management guru. She has also made a name for herself as an arts promoter with a bias towards music.

However, it is her new calling as a fashionista which has seen her talent taking her to place. Chihera is a humble Zimbabwean who is driven by passion, originality and the need to market the country beyond our borders.

Source – H-Metro

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