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Flight turns deadly as plane is struck by lightning

Flight turns deadly as plane is struck by lightning. A routine flight recently turned into a nightmare after the plane was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. Passengers were left fearing for their lives after a plane which was flying from Livingstone to Lusaka was struck by lightning in a wild thunderstorm.

Fortunately, the Captain, Walter Nhiliziyo managed to descend and to safely land the plane in Lusaka. Below are pictures of the plane after it had landed


Source – iHarare

In other news – Report: Joice Mujuru ordered Edmund Kudzayi’s arrest

Report: Joice Mujuru ordered Edmund Kudzayi’s arrest. The former Vice president of Zimbabwe Joice Mujuru ordered the arrest of journalist Edmund Kudzayi after being accused of running the controversial Facebook page Baba Jukwa during the run-up to the 2013 elections.

Joice Mujuru

The revelations were made by Kudzayi on Monday during a Twitter conversation with National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire. Said Kudzayi, “In fairness, Teurai Ropa is no saint. As far as I am concerned, she deserved the ill-treatment she got. Call it karma. She’s a ruthless politician who almost ruined my life in…continue reading.

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