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Forex dealers duped off US$750K


Forex dealers duped off US$750K. The pair are alleged to have been given US$765 000 in cash in exchange for electronic RTGS$ money. However, the two are alleged to have duped their business partners by supplying them with counterfeit proofs of payment.

There was chaos in Harare after some foreign currency dealers lost a massive US$765 000 to an Indian businessman only identified as Muneer Kazi and his business associate Shingi Muringi.

After the business partners discovered that they had been duped they tried to collect their money from Muneer but it was all futile. In the end, the dealers had to seek help from law enforcement authorities who arrested the pair. They are expected to appear in court soon.

The abortive transaction took place on Tuesday. Below are some of the videos the dealers shot as they tried to recover their money from Muneer.

The second video…

Source – iHarare

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