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Linda Mtoba speaks on growing up eating Chicken everyday

Grammy award-winning rapper, Jay Z once revealed that he only indulges in small portions of chicken because it reminds him of his poor background in New York. The 99 problems hit-maker grew up eating quite a lot of chicken, however, that did not prevent him from investing in his cousin’s chicken wing business called, Buffalo Wings in Brooklyn, New York City.

In an interview, Jay Z shared the following:

“We ate a lot of chicken, you know because chicken’s cheap. We had so much chicken, chicken backs, chicken everything. To this day I can only eat small pieces or else I feel funny.”

Linda Mtoba

Back home, there is another celebrity that shares the same sentiments as Jay.

Chicken is likely to be a staple in the general menu in a lot of black households, and Linda Mtoba can attest to this.

Award-winning actress Linda Mtoba recently shared a bit of the food chronicles, whilst growing up in the Mtoba household.

Linda revealed that she’s not a fan of chicken curry and even finds the smell of it, nauseating.

Linda’s mother recounted a story to her, about how chicken was all that she could afford at the time. Although Linda is not looking down on her childhood in any way, she was merely sharing this widely relatable fact with the masses.

Source: News365

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