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Lorcia Cooper opens up about her struggles with her thyroid



Lorcia Cooper

Actress Lorcia Cooper has opened up about her journey to healing after battling with her thyroid. Lorcia shared on Instagram that after posting about her struggles with swollen lymph nodes, she got plenty of DMs from women who shared their own stories.

“I was so overwhelmed… I decided that instead of waiting for my healing to be complete, I will instead post my journey, one step at a time. So here’s one part of the carboxy therapy which is my third session and every time I leave a session I can see my face changing. Dark circles and discolouration around the eye area are lightening up, the puffiness is reducing, my skin looking less dull.” She explained that her lymph nodes, which were quite swollen, have also drained down to almost normal size.

Lorcia Cooper

“I also realised that there is so much focus on aesthetics being a ‘don’t age’ solution but in fact it is helping so many of us who just want to be ‘ourselves’ again. Recognising the person we see in the mirror, the journey of healing is always an inside and out process. The inside work is continual and ever-present… be encouraged, the evolving of self is not ever in vain.

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