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More doctors to be fired next week


More doctors to be fired next week. Recently the government fired 77 doctors out of the 80 that engaged in industrial action. The Health Services Board is set to fire more doctors on the 15th of November for defying the court order to return to work and dump the industrial action.

Former Secretary of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association Dr Bhebhe said, “Like many others, we really would like to see this disharmony in the health sector coming to an end. But the Ministry of Health is not willing to come & agree with us on a decent salary for doctors.

“Instead it has set to fire more doctors by 15 Nov 2019. Dialogue is the only way.” Last month, the labour court ordered doctors on a strike over pay to return to work within 48 hours, after a ruling that their boycott was illegal.

The doctors have already said an offer to raise their allowances by 60% was “ridiculous” as it would take their monthly salaries to around 1 700 Zimbabwe dollars ($111), well below their demand of a 400% salary hike.

The country is grappling with its worst economic crisis in a decade, amid triple-digit inflation, rolling power cuts and shortages of U.S. dollars, medicines and fuel. President Emmerson Mnangagwa fired warning shots at the doctors last month.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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