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News bae Rumbi Takawira strikes again: Hot Pics

News bae Rumbi Takawira strikes again: Hot Pics. The news anchor grew popular after her hot pictures went viral on social media as she is one of the hottest news anchors we have in the country. Hence it earned her a nickname News Bae. Her real name though is Rumbidzai Takawira and she is the most humble person you will ever meet.

She recently went on on a vacation but whilst on duty and here is what she had to say about her trip. It was a hot day. The temperature reached a high of 42 degrees Celsius 🙆🏽 I just couldn’t at this point but it was beautiful!! We were at a point where Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique meet, the ZIMOZA Transfrontier park.. deep in the Zambezi Valley.

Rumbidzai TakawiraWe came across communities that live right next to the river, very dangerous too! Many cases of Human and Wildlife conflict are recorded in this region, In Kanyemba Mash Central Province but local safari operators have been doing their best to work with the communities in ensuring they see the value in Wildlife conservation. Look out for my feature coming soon.

RumbiWater levels were evidently low due to the effects of climate change, the water has receded about 2 meters, and the rains seem distant. #the commentary behind the video with the hippo’s though 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 @gerginator13

Rumbi Takwira

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Beautiful women with beautiful toys: Zim female celebs with cars

Beautiful women with beautiful toys: Zim female celebs with cars. Yes, the cars may have been bought by their spouses or friends or whoever but the fact that they are the ones who ride them is what matters most.


The economy may be hard at the moment but that doesn’t stop our celebrities to drive flashy and expensive cars. Check some of the celebrities we have compiled who are handling ferocious and beautiful cars…continue reading.

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