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Police block Chamisa’s Wednesday Africa Unity Square Hope Of The Nation Address



Nelson Chamisa

Police block Chamisa’s Wednesday Africa Unity Square Hope Of The Nation Address. The police cited that they feared that the gathering would degenerate into chaos hence the need to block it. In a letter written to the MDC,

The Zimbabwe Republic Police have blocked the Hope for the Nation Address (HONA) which the opposition MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa intended to deliver this Wednesday. the police said:

As discussed in a consultation meeting on November 15, 2019, in my office, I am not in a position to sanction the event due to the following reasons. The current situation in the CBD is volatile, the volume of both human and traffic has tremendously increased as we approach the festive season coupled with the payment of bonuses to government workers.

For this reason, the chances that your intended gathering will be taken advantage of by some rogue elements are very high.

Despite the MDC assurance that its demonstrations would be as peaceful as a church service, the state has so far blocked a number of MDC demonstrations saying that they had gathered “concrete evidence” suggesting that they all would degenerate into anarchy.

The MDC and other civic organisations intended to embark on a spate of marches over the deteriorating state of affairs.

Source – Pindula News

In other news – Pictures of dancer who appeared n@cked in Trevor Dongo’s latest single

Pictures of a dancer who appeared n@cked in Trevor Dongo’s latest single. Trevor Dongo has released a new Track titled Come Get your Love and it appears the music video of the song has left social media in a storm. The singer featured Jah Prayzah’s new dancer Lissa Tanaka and there are scenes in the music video where the two appear n@cked  and this has caused an uproar on social media.

Lissa Tanaka

One thing we should all understand is Zimbabweans are very conservative people. The world might be moving on and accepting crazy stuff and things like that saying its the 21st century but here in our country we are a conservative people and it will take time for us to fit into the world especially in…continue reading.



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