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Singer Pah Chihera responds to Jackie Ngarande

Singer Pah Chihera responds to Jackie Ngarande. There was drama yesterday on facebook as socialite Jackie Ngarande tried to humiliate Singer Pah Chihera but the bi wet wrong and backfired. Now the singer has responded to the socialite. Check what she had to say in the statement below…

Pah Chihera

The word in the streets is be your sister’s keeper. When Jackie Ngarande posted that post on her “Helping platform” I would like to believe it would have registered in her mind that this is Pah Chihera the singer and somehow she should have first come to my inbox to check. However, she went on and posted…

Aim being to humiliate. Well thank God… I have come to realise many of my sisters being Chihera’s have made it a norm to use Pah Chihera as their Facebook names which I think is OK. However, in instances like this it becomes a bit concerning. I am a very content individual and will never ask for clothes specially those worn before by someone who isn’t my relative.

The post Jackie Ngarande posted intended to cause humiliation… If I say to me well I will be judgemental… Maybe she had forgotten there is a Pah Chihera who is known in other platforms as a musician. Either way… Jackie I have known you for a long time and I feel this was aimed at belittling another woman and feeling powerful. This wasn’t right at all.
To all my fans this wasn’t me and I will never as I mentioned find myself in such an awkward position.

However, It is only right that the lady calling herself Pah Chihera asked on Jackie’s platform because at the end of the day… That is what the platform is about.
Zimbabwean sisters… Let’s be a sister’s keeper and avoid looking for relevance in the wrong ways.
Stay Blessed…. Pah Chihera.

Source – MbareTimes

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