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We first got introduced to Mmabatho Montsho as a young Lumka Dlomo on Generations. It was not only her beauty that caught our attention but also her love for the arts in general. Mmabatho is not really a person who considers herself a celebrity and tends to shy away from the spotlight, especially if it involves her private life. But when it comes to filmmaking and the arts in general she can go on and on about her favourite films, sculptures and more.

Mmabatho Montsho

We recently found out that she’s quite good at drawing sketches.Even though most of Mmabatho Montsho’s fans still call her Lumka stemming from her Generation’s fame, the actress has spread her wings into directing and investing in telling authentic stories through film. And her 10-part web series was a wake up call for people that only saw her as an actress.

The series, titled Women on S-e-x, had women from different walks of life talk about their s-e-xuality and s-e-xual experiences. It was recorded in 2015 and also grew Mmabatho’s passion to direct.

Mmabatho explained what sparked her curiosity to begin with. I had and still have a lot of questions about s-e-x and its relationship with everything that we do. For instance, even when I’m on set and directing, s-e-x has something to do with it. Am I going to get s-e-xually harassed as some point or not? What is the relationship between being in control of my body and being in a certain space. I had to many questions about it.

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