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Jonathan Moyo clashes with Chinese Ambassador

Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo clashes with the Chinese Ambassador. Moyo responded saying, “Obviously democracy is alien to your communist self. It’s your coup colours that are now known to Zimbabweans. Just because you got away with murder in 2017, does not mean you’ll cross that river at the same place again. You’ll soon learn that Zimbabwe is not a chicken business!”

Professor Jonathan Moyo has lashed at Chinese Deputy Ambassador Zhao Baogang after the latter said of Moyo, “In the past decades he changed colours much time just for power, he is power-thirsty and his words never believable.”

The matter started when Moyo gave an interview with Newsday and said President Emmerson Mnangagwa had lost the control of the army and of parliament.

“Well, I don’t know that the issue is about bad blood in politics because bad blood is the stuff of politics. But in real politics, a president does not entertain a vice-president who was his kingmaker. Conversely, a kingmaker, who is a vice-president, does not entertain an ungrateful president, who unleashes his allies against his vice-president.

“The problem for Mnangagwa is that he has no base: He no longer has support in Parliament, no support in Zanu PF, save for his clansmen, no support in the army and no support in the business community.” Moyo had told Newsday.

Commenting on the matter Deputy Government Spokesperson Energy Mutodi said, “All I can deduce from Professor JN Moyo’s interview with Everson Mashava is a man groping in the dark, with no one to blame for his predicament and yearning for a re-call to service.”

Source – Bulawayo24 News


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