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Prophet Passion Java singing along to Uncle Epaton’s Godzvaz – Video

Prophet Passion Java

Prophet Passion Java singing along to Uncle Epaton’s Godzvaz – Video. Prophet Passion Java is known for his love of Zimdancehall music when it comes to entertainment and he has made or he has promoted the Zimdancehall genre especially the artists that are from Chillspot. The likes of Enzo Ishall, Bazooker and Uncle Epaton. His love for the genre has seen him or his name rather got two riddims name after him, the Prophet Passion Java Riddim and The Passion Java riddim.

There are even some rumours which circulated sometime long ago that he had bought Enzo Ishall for a fee of R200 000 and until now we don’t know if that happened for sure or not as both Enzo Ishall and him refused to comment on the matter. But his love for Zimdancehall is truly amazing. He even came all the way from his  USA based residency to come and celebrate his birthday in Harare with his Zimdancehall artists.

He has also done a lot of controversial things in the entertainment sector these include going after and taking digs from some popular artist and the very recent incident is of him laughing at Pokello for buying clothes at a China Flea Market. He has also blasted Stunner and Mudiwa too. But today we are showing you his latest sing-along song. He recorded himself singing along to Uncle Epaton song which talks about a person who is finding a place to relieve himself from the faeces. See the video below…

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Pokello’s ex Elikem blasts Passion Java for laughing at her

Pokello’s ex Elikem blasts Passion Java for laughing at her. The Pokello China Video is causing noise and controversy.  The video of the self-proclaimed Queen of swagger was spotted doing shopping of clothes in a China flea market. The same video had socialite Queen Tatelicious laugh at Pokello too.

But it seems a lot of people are actually supporting the Queen of swagger on this one. One fan of Pokello who is also an entrepreneur and a Zim singer based in South Africa Yaka Yaka came to the defence. Her ex Elikem also came to her defence as he blasted the fancy and flamboyant Prophet Passion Java…continue reading.