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St George’s reveals 2020 shocking School Fees statement

St Georges

St George’s reveals 2020 shocking School Fees statement. Zimbabwe is battling rampant inflation with the majority of the population earning below 200 United States Dollars, Doctors have been on strike for the last 3 months demanding a salary adjustment from their current USD80 a month.

Private school St George’s has revealed its statement for 2020 first term tuition fees with boarders paying a total staggering ZWL 44 000 or USD2 750. These are the prices as listed by Zim Price Check…


In Zim currency
St George’s Tuition 24,000

St George’s Boarding 20,000

Hartmann House Grades 3 – 7 17,200

Hartmann House Grades 1 — 2 15,200


Hartmann House Grade 0 – 12,000

Payment for foreign students and NGO’s

Fees in USD

St George’s Tuition
St George’s Boarding
Hartmann House Grades 3 – 7
Hartmann House Grades 1 — 2
Hartmann House Grade 0

See the picture below:

St Georges School Fees

St George’s is not the only school that has revealed these crazy figures come next year for school fees, Bulawayo’s Dominican Convent School also has a very interesting 2020 school fees.

Source – iHarare

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