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Busiswa Gqulu exposes all in her Documentary, including the Abuse by her baby-daddy

Busiswa Gqulu

Having someone tell the most personal part of your life before you get the chance to can often be daunting, especially because people draw their own conclusions. That is what Busiswa Gqulu went through when news broke about the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of the father of her baby.

In a captivating documentary, the musician bares all for fans as she narrates her story her way. Hope, resilience, and power is what fans are expected to witness when the documentary hits our screens. Her love for music, a poverty-stricken childhood, money, acquired fame, and the alleged abuse, is what viewers can expect to learn about when Busiswa welcomes them into her life.

Busiswa: An Unbreakable Story premiered last week at the Africa Rising International Film Festival (ARIFF). It shows how she transitioned from her humble beginnings to being the megastar that she is today.

People found out about the abuse through her rapper friend @MercWorldWide. In a Twitter thread he spoke about the moments leading to the alleged beating and had receipts in the form of his battered face.

Assumptions were thrown and fingers were pointed, however this time, Busiswa relayed it all.

“The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that someone else decided to tell the world that I was being abused and it’s something that I hadn’t even internalised myself,” she narrated.

The hit-maker said at first she felt ashamed because everyone knew what she was going through. Emphasizing that she left the relationship before the incident took place, she spoke about how she was painted as a “sl*t who cheated,” hence the alleged beating.

She continued, “I conquered that. The worst thing that happened that day was that the psychotic person who abused you comes back and abuses you again physically after you’ve left. And then slut shames you, calls you (an) irresponsible mother, spins a web of lies so that people (would) believe that he’s not the monster that he actually is.”

The Banomoya hitmaker has a child with her ex-boyfriend, Dj Kaygee and fears raising a child with someone who is abusive. Her mission is to raise her son so he does not become that person.

“The only way I can think of is to teach him that everything is worthy of your love and respect and hopefully he would love and respect women,” she said.

The documentary Busiswa: An Unbreakable Story will air on Channel O next month. Date and time not yet confirmed.

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